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Lifemind is Your Secret Weapon for Driving Agency Growth

Lifemind differentiates your agency from the pack with better, faster, and less expensive customer insights and segmentation powered by AI
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Lifemind is the first customer insights platform to reveal the values customers use to buy products.

Now agencies can tap these insights fast to drive growth.

  • Reveal rich customer insights fast in new business pitches using cutting-edge AI at low cost with no PII.

  • Generate insights-aligned creative assets for digital, broadcast, and any other channel fast and at scale. 

  • Accelerate campaign experimentation to improve client campaign performance and client relationships.

  • Unify your teams around actionable audience insights with no additional hiring to streamline for profitability.

All at a cost far lower than any customer insights and segmentation system available today. 

Generate growth fast with lifemind's
Agency AI Activation Workshop

  • Trains your staff while delivering real value to a client or in new business 

  • Includes insights, segmentation, and test plans for three most valuable segments complete with recommended creative direction, creative content, and targeting


Agency Briefing


  • Introduce lifemind across teams & stakeholders

  • Present approach, platform, and example applications

  • Discuss potential applications with specific clients to learn how system can work in your agency


Pilot Client


  • Select pilot client or new business opportunity for gaining hands-on experience

  • Identify client team and point of contact for lifemind

  • Run customer report and review findings with lifemind

  • Discuss implications, strategies, ideas


Client Activation


  • Review agency presentation for support and strategies

  • Prep team for client presentation of results

  • Optional participation by lifemind executive in client presentation

  • Review client discussion post-presentation. 

  • Discuss next steps. 


Agency Debrief


  • Discuss experience with lifemind to improve productivity, efficiency

  • Discuss areas of focus and any necessary customizations that may be required

Activation Program: $7500.
Contact us to schedule activation at your agency or discuss customization

Download Your Free Agency AI Activation Brief

White paper covering Lifemind's new Agency AI Activation Program, revolutionizing marketing with AI-powered customer insights
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"Lifemind transforms how you think about customers to drive new ways of achieving growth."

Marilyn Davis, Managing Partner

Rain the Growth Agency

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