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Why aren't more customers buying from you?
Free instant assessment shows you:
  • What your market sees when looking at your site

  • How your site aligns with the national market

  • What changes can expand your appeal to more customers

Think Like Your Customers. Accelerate Growth.

Lifemind is an AI-powered marketing platform that accelerates growth by understanding how your customers think. 

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Lifemind Delivers These Benefits to Any Size Business
In a Simple Self-Service Platform

Customer Insights Designed for Growth


Market Expansion 
in Minutes


Digital Performance Improvements of 20%+

Lifemind is Unlike Any Customer, Market, or Campaign Analysis
You Have Ever Seen

Your customers see the world differently - they have different worldviews and values that shape what they buy. Lifemind's AI model reveals customer values so you can see how they align with your business to improve performance. The inputs are simple, the results are powerful, and new growth is at your fingertips in minutes. 

Lifemind employs a proprietary map based on DNA and historical research to identify the regional values that drive purchase decisions. 

Lifemind identifies what your customers value based on their Life Outlook, where they live, and their generation. 

Customers tell you who they are, why they buy
and how to sell more

In minutes you see how your customers view your business based on their values. 


Lifemind segments your market with targeting and content to align your business better. 

Lifemind opens up new markets by aligning your marketing
with more customers

Lifemind gives you strategies, targeting, and content to improve performance with customers buying less. 

Lifemind optimizes your current digital campaigns to significantly improve performance

Lifemind optimizes your Facebook and Google campaigns to significantly improve efficiency and growth. 

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Contact us to explore how you can receive these insights before lifemind becomes widely available.
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