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Think Like Your Customers.
Accelerate Growth.

Lifemind is an AI-powered marketing platform that accelerates growth by understanding how your customers think

"Super interesting - a new and predictive way to understand customers."

Mark Staples, Editorial Director

McKinsey & Co.


James Selby, CPO and GM


"Our collaboration with lifemind has improved efficiency and lowered acquisition costs."

David Nyurenberg, Associate Director


Two AI Solutions to Accelerate Growth
  • Segment customers to increase marketing efficiency

  • Design tests to expand your market

  • Test new targeting and creative

  • Optimize campaigns to reduce acquisition costs 5-40%

  • Segment responders to ID efficiency

  • Test new targeting & creative

Lifemind is Unlike Any Customer
or Campaign Analysis You Have Ever Seen

Your customers see the world differently - they have different worldviews and values that shape what they buy. Lifemind's AI model reveals customer values so you can align your marketing better to improve performance. The inputs are simple, the results are powerful, and new growth is at your fingertips in minutes. 


Lifemind's Worldview Insights Database identifies what your customers value based on their life outlook (liberal and conservative), where they live, and their generation. 

Lifemind employs a proprietary map based on DNA, census, and historical research to identify the regional values that drive purchase decisions. 

Lifemind Regions 4 8 24.jpg

Get Started Today

You can have BuyerIQ and CampaignIQ insights in a matter of a few days. The required inputs are simple and there is no PII. Schedule a call now to explore how lifemind can accelerate growth for your business faster and better than any other solution. 

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