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Lifemind Optimizes Growth Marketing Across Your Business in Minutes

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Optimize Paid Media

Have you hit a wall with improving paid media performance? Lifemind gives you a fresh new perspective on who is responding in the most efficient manner so you can lower customer acquisition costs while scaling your campaigns.


See which value segments have the lowest cost per conversion and how to specifically target them using value-driven creative content.

Improve Messaging and Social Testing Velocity

Level up your email, messaging, and social channel game with CustomerIQ insights.  With Lifemind's AI-driven approach, marketers can achieve enhanced segmentation capabilities, ensuring that messages are tailored to resonate with specific customer groups within the 192 value markets.

Drive Site Experimentation


Supercharge your personalization game with CustomerIQ insights.  Segment your audience and tailor experiments that speak directly to each group's preferences.


This targeted approach ensures that your experiments quickly impact conversion rates, giving you real-time insights into what works best for different segments of your audience. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all strategies and hello to optimized results!

Get Started

Step 1

Upload a campaign report with zip codes or DMAs together with conversions and spend by geography.

Step 2

See who is responding the most and optimize in minutes.


You see segments performing the best together with segment profiles and test plans that include creative content and targeting information.

Step 3

Start Testing!

Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder with Lifemind

LIfemind gives you powerful new tools to make your marketing budget go further. Lower your customer acquisition costs and open new markets you didn't know would buy from you - all within minutes of uploading a simple report. 


Get Started

Be among the first to unlock powerful insights!  Sign up now for our Private Beta and gain exclusive access to our innovative customer and campaign optimization platform.  Limited spots available - secure yours today!

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