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How lifemind Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs) Transform Growth

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Lifemind's sixteen Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs) create far stronger market fit for your business by aligning your communications with what your market wants in order to buy. Each DMR represents a proprietary combination of DNA mapping, ethnic makeup, and historic trends to identify a distinct set of values that your business can reflect to power growth. Lifemind employs these regions together with Life Outlook and generational value sets to generate content and targeting that motivates more customers to consider and purchase your products.  

Transform Growth with Digital Pluralism

Traditional marketing focuses on one "big idea" or way to talk to a market. The problem is that this "one size fits all" strategy doesn't fit with a huge portion of potential customers, limiting growth. Lifemind looks at your market differently - as a pluralistic collection of markets that each think differently about your products. Lifemind uses automation and AI to power "digital pluralism" with targeting and content to fuel market expansion and growth.

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