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Segment your customers based on how their values - how they see your business, brand, products, and communications. 
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How It Works

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BuyerIQ Reveals Customer Values and Aligns Your Marketing for Higher Performance and Growth

It Starts With a Simple Report - For Any Customer Group (no PII)

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Instantly see who your customers are from a values perspective ​

Rapidly identify your most prominent value segments to focus resources and testing for growth


Customers tell you who they are and why they buy in segment profiles - so you know how they think

Rapidly improve performance with test plans that align your marketing with what customers want to see


Values-aligned creative content accelerates growth experimentation and experimentation​​

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"Fills a fascinating gap in how clients should understand their audiences."

Steve Middleton, Director of Strategy


Get Started Today

You can have BuyerIQ and CampaignIQ insights in a matter of a few days. The required inputs are simple with no PII. Schedule a call now to explore how BuyerIQ from lifemind can accelerate growth for your business. 

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