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How It Works

Launch more effective campaigns in about 30 minutes at far lower cost


It Starts With Simple Reports

All Lifemind needs are simple reports you generate from your customer database or media platforms - no PII required.

  • For instant, deep customer analysis, Lifemind only requires the number of customers by zip code.

  • For retail location analysis, Lifemind needs a location count by zip code.

  • For campaign analysis Lifemind needs a "conversion" count and marketing spend by zip code or DMA. 

Customer Analysis Report
Zip Code     Customer Count
  22308                   537
  94965                   725
Campaign Analysis Report
Zip Code             Spend        Conversions
  22308               1782.33              239
  94965               3578.27              471

Lifemind Generates Insights
& Recommendations in Minutes

Once you upload the simple reports, Lifemind analyzes who your customers are using its proprietary Worldview Insights Database and generates your growth strategy with specific recommendations for targeting and content.

This includes the customer telling you who they are, why they buy, and how to make them more loyal,. Campaign analysis gives you specific recommendations for optimization to lower acquisition costs, expand your market, and grow your business. 

Platform-Ready Creative Content

Lifemind delivers creative content at the specification of a variety of media, including Facebook, Google, email, scripts, and more. You also get targeting you can overlay with current efforts. Lifemind makes it easy to build highly targeted campaigns based on how customers think - faster and less expensively than any other tool.  

Optimize Campaigns in Minutes

LIfemind generates new targeting and creative for any campaign - whether the campaign was designed by lifemind or you. Generate new test creative at the press of a button. Segment your campaigns to lower acquisition costs and expand your market. Lifemind is your constant companion for helping you grow your business quickly, easily, and efficiently. 

Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder with Lifemind

LIfemind gives you powerful new tools to make your marketing budget go further. Lower your customer acquisition costs and open new markets you didn't know would buy from you - all within minutes of uploading a simple report. 

“Fills a fascinating gap in how clients should understand their audiences."

Steve Middleton, Director of Strategy


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