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Drive More Store Traffic
By Aligning Your Marketing to Local Customer Values

Lifemind shapes your store marketing to fit the personal purchase values of local customers


How lifemind accelerates store growth


Increases store traffic by aligning marketing to local values, creating far stronger fit. 

More customers will visit your stores if your marketing makes your stores a more natural fit. Lifemind aligns your marketing to the personal purchase values of your local customers to better align what you are selling with what local customers want. Lifemind gives you everything you need to start improving store performance fast - from segmentation and profiles to specific creative direction, targeting, and creative content.


Drives repeat purchases by segmenting communications based on local values

Now your customer communications speak the language and values of your local markets to build stronger relationships. Lifemind purchase value insights power email and other communicatins at a local level to make your stores feel part of local culture, resulting in higher repeat purchase.


Ensures expansion success by mapping your marketing to the local values of new store locations. 

New store locations are a gamble - lifemind reduces your risk by ensuring your marketing reflects the values and culture of the local community. Lifemind also helps identify new locations where you are successful today - based on where like-minded customes live who have the same values.

Drive store growth fast with lifemind's
AI Retail Traffic Workshop

  • Designed to train teams and implement tests fast

  • Introduces new AI-powered strategy to gain an edge

  • No technical knowledge required and there is no customer PII 

Here's what your team receives with a lifemind AI Retail Traffic Workshop


Team Briefing


  • Introduce lifemind across teams & stakeholders

  • Present approach, platform, and example applications

  • Discuss potential applications across the business with owned and paid media


Design Pilot 


  • Identify store business opportunity for gaining hands-on experience

  • Confirm stakeholders and point of contact for lifemind.

  • Run customer report

  • Review findings 

  • Discuss implications, strategies, ideas



  • Confirm experiment design

  • Review creative input and targeting by channel

  • Launch campaign(s)


Pilot Debrief


  • Discuss experience with lifemind to improve productivity, efficiency

  • Discuss areas of focus and any necessary customizations that may be required

Lifemind Retail Traffic Workshop: $7500.
Contact us to schedule workshop or discuss customization

Unlock new store growth using local customer values - request your free brief

Grab your free guide to unlock new retail growth using customer values.
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