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About lifemind

Founded by growth marketing experts, driven by a compelling new way to look at customers using AI. The result is the potential for rapid transformational growth. 
illustration of customers with different values

With a background in growth marketing and a belief that AI should go beyond operational efficiencies, we’ve developed a platform that revolutionizes how marketers connect with their audiences. Lifemind delves into individuals’ core values—covering conservative and liberal outlooks, regional influences, and generational beliefs—to offer a far stronger approach to customer insights and segmentation for acquisition and engagement.

The Problems We Solve

Marketers today are overwhelmed by data and MarTech tools, which often impede their vision and ability to achieve business objectives. At the same time, tightening privacy regulations are complicating traditional targeting and optimization, leaving teams to search for alternatives. While AI-driven creative tools offer operational efficiencies, they rely on the same complex data environment and diminishing ability to target - their value is incremental, not transforming. 


Lifemind solves all of these issues with a simple AI-powered platform that requires no PII, gives you an ability to target your best customers without any reliance on ad tech or third-party cookies, and gets you into market fast with creative content based on new customer insights and segmentation. 

We're a team of growth marketers out to deliver what growth marketers need AI to do - to deliver the fundamental ability to lower acquisition costs, grow customer value, and expand markets. We do it by providing a compelling new way to look at customers and markets, which is then powered by AI to fuel testing and experimentation to achieve consequential growth, not just incremental growth. 

Meet the Team

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