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Improve campaign performance 5-40% by aligning responder segments to how your market thinks. 
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How It Works

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Optimize results by creating stronger alignment with the most efficient responder segments

  • Dive Deep. Discover who your most efficient responders truly are, what drives their decisions, and how to tailor your messaging to capture their attention.

  • Target with Precision. Segment your market effortlessly and align your brand with diverse customer values to maximize engagement and conversions.

  • Craft Compelling Content. Access expertly curated creative assets inspired by advertising legends, ensuring your campaigns stand out and resonate with your audience.

  • Maximize ROI. Optimize your campaigns based on real-time performance data, identify geographical nuances, and supercharge your growth with unparalleled efficiency.


Start optimizing with a simple campaign report

Zip Code
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Instantly see who your most efficient responders are

Get to know your most efficient customers with profiles


Optimize your campaign with test plans and values-based creative direction

Deploy values-aligned creative content for rapid optimization and experimentation

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"Lifemind's approach through its AI-driven platform represents a significant advancement in audience segmentation and targeting.
By focusing on geographical clusters rather than relying on increasingly restricted 1:1 addressable audiences, Lifemind offers a compelling solution to the challenges posed by the deprecation of cookies and privacy regulations.”

David Nyurenberg

Associate Director, Rain

Get Started Today

You can have BuyerIQ and CampaignIQ insights in a matter of a few days. The required inputs are simple and there is no PII. Schedule a call now to explore how lifemind can accelerate growth for your business faster and better than any other solution. 

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