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About lifemind

Founded by growth marketing experts, driven by a compelling new way to look at customers using AI

Lifemind was created by a team of expert growth marketers with decades of experience working with startups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 brands. Our experience comes from designing and implementing growth marketing campaigns for such brands as Peloton, PayPal, Twitter, EA, GoPro, GoDaddy, Amazon, Uber, Patreon, and many more. 

We recognized early that AI not only improves productivity in the creative process - but also in the very customer insights that drive growth marketing strategy from the beginning. Lifemind represents a fundamentally unique way to apply AI to growth marketing by extracting customer values from simple customer data (no PII) and developing insights strategies, targeting, and creative content in minutes. 

At the core of our system is Market Pluralism - the belief that different groups of customers see your business, brand, products, and communications differently based on their values. Lifemind's Worldview Insights Database codifies 43 thousand zip codes with distinct values - Life Outlook (liberal and conservative), Region, and Generation. When you analyze your customers or campaign responders using BuyerIQ or CampaignIQ, you access lifemind's value segmentation system.


AI as a language model learns your business, determines the strongest values for selling your products, and brings your marketing to life for each value segment with full values-aligned targeting and creative. You focus your resources where you can clearly lower customer acquisition costs, increase customer value, and open new markets - all based on knowing how your customers think . 

Read more about Market Pluralism below in our blog. 

Get Started Today

You can have lifemind insights in a matter of a few days. The required inputs are simple and there is no PII. Schedule a call now to explore how lifemind can accelerate growth for your business faster and better than any other solution. 

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