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Think Like Your Customers. Accelerate Growth.

Lifemind's AI platform accelerates growth by rapidly getting you in market with new insights, targeting, and creative based on how customers think

Lifemind automates customer insights, audience strategy, test design, and creative content to accelerate growth
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Lifemind's customer worldview analysis reveals how your market sees the world, including your brand, products, and marketing

Your customers see the world differently - they have different worldviews - driven by distinct sets of values. Lifemind helps you understand customer worldview and values to create far stronger fit with your market. The result is lower customer acquisition costs and higher customer value. 

Lifemind synthesizes and prioritizes customer values to create stronger market fit
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Lifemind's 16 Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs) power targeting based on customer worldview and values

Lifemind identifies the most profitable audiences for your business based on your goals and how your customers think - to lower acquisition costs, increase customer value, grow revenue, increase market penetration, and much more. 

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Lifemind is your growth solution
for addressing loss of digital ad tracking

Tracking with third-party cookies is greatly diminished today and will be gone in 2024. The solution is precise geographic targeting with lifemind. You activate lifemind with five-digit zip codes customized to the best audience for your business. 

The lifemind Worldview Code reveals how your customers think to create far stronger market fit
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Lifemind analyzes simple business inputs to instantly reveal your customer and segment worldviews and values - how your customers see the world so you can make your products fit their lives. 

Customer and segment worldviews with values show precisely how your market wants to see your business.

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Alignment analysis measures

your current business-market fit. 

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Market scoring reveals market expansion opportunities based on your business objective.  

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Test designs instantly generate precise targeting and creative content based on how customers want to see your business. 

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Accelerator generates new content based on performance

to speed growth.

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Register for the lifemind Beta now to see how you can accelerate growth based on your market's worldview

Lifemind X-Factor:
Customer Worldview + AI

Lifemind is the only customer insight and growth platform that enables you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers based on their worldview and values. The system is based on Culture Theory, originally developed by renowned social anthropologist Mary Douglas. Lifemind uses AI to formulate strategies using Culture Theory with hundreds of research studies to significantly increase your market fit. 

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