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Lifemind Optimizes Growth Marketing Across Your Business in Minutes

Gain valuable segment insights with channel-specific creative and targeting to fuel
continuous test-and-learn operations.

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Lifemind Strategies for Growth


Identify & Compare Strongest Customer Segments

By identifying your strongest customer segments, you can optimize marketing strategies for higher performance. Lifemind's values-based customer insights offer the newest, most innovative way to understand customer segment buying preferences. LIfemind reveals the personal values customes use to make purchase decisions, enabling you improve messaging and targeting. Now you can optimize limited resources to improve conversion rates, generating a clear increase in ROI.


Accelerate Engagement With Your Base

Lifemind's values-based customer insights enable lifecycle marketers to deeply understand their customer base, allowing for more personalized and effective upsell and cross-sell strategies. By looking at your products through the customer's values lens, lifemind helps reduce churn through targeted engagement and retention efforts, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and lifetime value.


Test in Paid and Owned Channels

Have you hit a wall with improving paid media performance? Lifemind gives you a fresh new perspective on who is responding in the most efficient manner so you can lower customer acquisition costs while scaling your campaigns. See which value segments have the lowest cost per conversion and how to specifically target them using value-driven creative content. Supercharge your personalization game with tailored experiments that speak directly to each segment's preferences.


Open New Markets

Lifemind identifies new markets where you can expand your reach and scale. By providing deep insights and crafting messaging aligned with each segment's values, lifemind helps you target products and services more effectively. This approach drives growth and expands your market reach by engaging previously untapped customer segments.

Compare lifemind to Traditional Segmentation
and Today's AI Creative Products

Compare lifemind's innovative segmentation and creative solutions against traditional research and AI creative platforms. See how we stand out in speed, cost, and comprehensive capabilities.

Compare lifemind to old school segmentation and new AI creative tools

Generate growth fast with lifemind's
AI Strategy Activation Workshop

  • Ready to inspire new customer insight skills in your marketing team?

  • Want to implement AI in a more strategic manner beyond just creative?

  • Looking for fresh thinking to inspire new growth?

  • Need an exciting new topic for your next offsite?


Team Briefing


  • Introduce lifemind across teams & stakeholders

  • Present approach, platform, and example applications

  • Discuss potential applications across the business with owned and paid media.


Design Pilot 


  • Identify business opportunity for gaining hands-on experience

  • Confirm pilot stakeholders and point of contact for lifemind

  • Run customer report and review findings 

  • Discuss implications, strategies, ideas



  • Confirm experiment design

  • Review creative input by channel

  • Launch campaign(s)


Pilot Debrief


  • Discuss experience with lifemind to improve productivity, efficiency

  • Discuss areas of focus and any necessary customizations that may be required

Here's what your team receives with a lifemind AI Strategy Activation Workshop

Lifemind AI Strategy Activation Program: $7500.
Contact us to schedule workshop or discuss customization

Unlock new growth using customer values - download your free brief

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